3g network booster ( 4)

Smart phones are very common and basic necessity presently. With more and more cell phones pulling and pushing data across 3G and 4G networks, the available bandwidth has been getting smaller and smaller. Data users are increasing every day but the average amount of data used per phone is going down by multipliers.

For this problem, we have signal booster which will connect your cell phone to the strongest and fastest signal tower in your area. It will boost your GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G signal by reconnecting cell phone to the closest and best radio cellular tower. Therefore, it improves signal stability and power with better call quality, better data transfer and longer battery life.

Not only your signal will be boosted but you will also improve the battery life of your phone and speed up internet. You will be able to stream, download movies faster, listen to internet radio, you name it.

Mobile Network Booster is a well known Delhi based dealer offers 3G GSM / CDMA Mobile Network Booster at their store at cheap price.

Product Description :

3G mobile networks are everywhere around the world but depending on where a mobile phone is located, regrettably the quality of the 3G signals booster differ significantly from excellent to poor.

  • Network : All GSM 3G Network
  • Warranty : 12 Months
  • Accessories :-
  • Indoor Antenna
  • Outdoor Antenna
  • Wire - 200/-per meter
  • Signal Repeater
  • Coverage Area :800-1000 sq/ft

The item in auction is designed to address the signals strength issue by boosting the signals in two directions (Full Duplex). and advantage are below here.

signals transmitted from a mobile phone are received by the signal booster over the air via the booster's indoor antenna and these signals are amplified and retransmitted over the air via the booster's outdoor antenna to a nearby cellular phone base station.

signals transmitted from a cellular phone base station are received over the air by the booster via the booster's outdoor antenna and these signals are amplified and retransmitted over the air via the booster's indoor antenna to a mobile phone.

The 3G Boosters can be viewed as an intermediate agent to help to set up a reliable wireless link between a mobile phone and the 3G mobile networks infrastructure.

Product Features :

  • Up-link Frequency: 1920-1980 MHz
  • Down-link Frequency: 2110-2170 MHz
  • Up-link Gain : 50dB
  • Down-link Gain : 60 dB
  • Indoor coverage: 500-800 sq/mtr
  • Power output: 23 dBm
  • Pass band ripple: <5dB
  • Out of band rejection:(BW-60dB)<42MHz(BW-70dB)<45MHz
  • I/O return loss <-8dB
  • Noise figure <8dB
  • Inter modulation
  • Attenuation (Po=13dBm) <-40dBc
  • Ambient temperature -10~50 degree
  • Power supply:AC110~220V±10% 45~55Hz
  • Working voltage: DC5V
  • Compliance Standard to the GB6993-86 standard

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